About Me

I have been enchanted with silver-screen since I was a child. From the release of trailers to watching a
movie, everything excited me. I was always eager to see how a movie turns out and what new I
would find in this land of Cinema.
Over the years it became my passion to share my views about a movie starting from the trailer
launch itself. And as I suspected, my views were mostly echoed by experts in the industry. And that’s
how I started documenting the previews of the movies.
You’ll find my previews one week ahead of the movie launch, capturing my prediction about a
movie. You can leverage my previews before booking a forthcoming movie to see what you can
expect from it. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.
Passion for cinema has also led me to write articles on various aspects of it over the years. Some of
which have been published in the “3rd Shaan-e-Awadh International Film Festival” and many other sites.
Apart from movie blogging, Hindi poetry is one of my other interests. I find pleasure in penning down
my thoughts, my emotions, at times influenced by people and situations that I see…

In my own words, I say,